SBoy “Estonia through a technological prism”

More than 30 public walls will be decorated with art during the wall graphics festival Mextonia, held in mid-June. Voluntary artists are giving a new look to smeared and expressionless fences and even pedestrian tunnels all over Estonia.

One of those voluntary artists is our very own Silver „SBoy” Seeblum from Pirados. On the 15th of April, SBoy started his mural on the outer wall of the Estonian National broadcast building on Gonsiori street. In defiance of illness and chilly temperatures, he was done in two days and nights. „The theme of my piece was Estonia through a technological prism,” says SBoy, „ you can see an ID-card and a swallow taking off from it, I also painted the symbol of our E-government Tiger’s Leap and below that a TV and a radio.”

Although the mural took longer to finish than expected, thanks to the weather, it didn’t discourage SBoy. „ I haven’t used a boom lift a long time and with such a large surface, it’s very important to observe the complete picture, and that means I have to move back and forth in front of the wall, view how the wing of the swallow looks or how the radio is placed,” smirks SBoy.

Regardless of changeable weather in Estonia, the painting will last many years. „The wall was previously processed with Caparol Muresko, and the mural is done with Montana Cans spray paint. I have done many pieces all over Tallinn and none of them has succumbed to weather, thanks to the quality of the paint (,” says SBoy.

Photo: Margaret Targo

Photo: Margaret Targo

Photo: Margaret Targo

Check out how Silver Seeblum and his family „hand over” the present to the Estonian nation in Ringvaade:

Silver “SBoy” Seeblum in Instagram: @silverseeblum