Company t-shirt, but not the usual one

Can you imagine anything worse than a t-shirt with a company's logo? They usually find their way into the trash pretty quickly, but not this time.

One day back in December the door of Pirados store opened and Meelis Vill stepped in. He wanted to know, whose handwriting was on our shirts. At that point didn’t imagine that this was the beginning of Pirados and Guardtime collaboration. And to be honest, what kind of collaboration would you expect out of one of the leading cybersecurity company in the world and a bunch of tattoo artist?!?

As a fresh hot startup, Guardtime can test the boundaries with stuff that a huge concern would regard a taboo. Well, they’ve already done it; how would you like a t-shirt with a hot nude woman and a skull ( bet you do!). This was the design for the previous shirt Meelis organized for the company.

I’ve always liked beautiful handwritings,” said Meelis. „My father practiced calligraphy as a hobby, I have practiced with ink and quills. I got pretty worked up about Pirados font and I decided to put in on my company’s t-shirt.

Glen did some sketches and the first patch went to print without further ado. There weren’t any details that came from Guardtime’s brand book. A whole new identity was created for the shirt. „We started with something foolproof; a white t-shirt, immediately followed by black and gold t-shirts and tank tops for women,” explained Meelis, „we’ll do something new for the summer; some of Glen’s designs remained unused.”


Meelis Vill: